Generation Entrepreneur Online Summer Camp 2021

14th - 18th June

Griffith College, Ireland's largest private third level institution, in collaboration with The Entrepreneurs Academy welcome registrations for its ONLINE Summer Camp called Generation Entrepreneur. Learn how to pitch a product, hear from expert guest speakers and meet fellow budding entrepreneurs across Ireland!

Register your interest today for an opportunity to grab a limited place at this creative and interactive summer camp!

Registrations are now closed for 2021.

Registration Form Closed for 2021

What will you learn at the Generation Entrepreneur Camp?

For five days, students who receive a place on this camp will have an opportunity to meet with like minded, motivated and entrepreneurial peers to discuss taking an idea from creation to the Pitch Pit at the end of the week. Don't worry if you feel nervous at the idea of pitching a new concept to a panel of judges, throughout the week we will support you to develop your leadership and entrepreneurial skills, whilst working as part of team.  

Students will be informed and assisted by guest speakers from the Griffith College Business Faculty, The Entrepreneurs Academy, LIFT Ireland and Griffith College Business Alumni, who are now successful business men and women in their own right.

On the final day students will receive a Certificate of Completion in Leadership and Entrepreneurship, a valuable asset to your CV. Additionally, prizes will be awarded on the final day for The Strongest Idea. The Strongest Research. The Strongest Teamwork. and The Strongest Pitch. 


*Limited places available. Participation will require teamwork and collaboration online. 

Summer Camp Schedule 14th - 18th June 2021



Start Time

Finish Time




9.30 am*



3.00 pm

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Students will be introduced to the concepts of leadership and entrepreneurship. They will have an opportunity to assess their understanding of both and broaden their learning through an experiential workshop with LIFT (Leading Ireland’s Future Together).



10.00 am

3.00 pm

Ideas Day!

Students will be encouraged to utilise their creativity and self-expression to discuss business ideas with each other in preparation for the Pitch Pit. Successful social enterprises and young entrepreneurs will be explored discussing the skills and qualities that made their businesses a success. 



10.00 am

3.00 pm

Will anybody buy it? Validation time

Students will explore the processes involved in validating a business idea. Terms such as market research, research tips / tricks and tools, niche, go / no-go decisions and marketing will be discovered and understood. A Guest of the Day will share their story with the students with an opportunity for Q&A.



10.00 am

3.00 pm

Plan a business on one page and market it online

Students will explore their strengths and passions, discuss various roles within a business and choose roles within their teams based on their strengths. Together they will discover online marketing, start-up opportunities as well as competitions and awards for the best start-up businesses. A Guest of the Day will share their story with the students with an opportunity for Q&A.



10.00 am

3.00 pm

Communication Skills – The Pitch Pit 

Students will engage in an activity to explore their communication and leadership skills. Tips and tricks for networking with others will be shared and practised. The Pitch Pit will be broadcast to judges and an audience so the students can pitch their ideas. Prizes for;

The Strongest Idea. The Strongest Research. The Strongest Teamwork and The Strongest Pitch. Certificate of Completion.


Griffith College

Griffith College is Ireland's largest independent third level institution with locations in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. Established over 40 years ago, Griffith College enjoys national and a growing international reputation for student success. The College has gained an enviable, award winning reputation for providing students with first class lectures and excellent study material. 

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The Entrepreneurs Academy

The Entrepreneurs Academy was established in 1998 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We are the leading authority on entrepreneurship and leadership in Ireland. Revolutionalising how business is done in Ireland for the better is our mission. We are passionate about personal and businesses development, providing people and enterprises with world-leading training on how to do business smarter.